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Spring Break Skills Clinic

We are offering skills clinics during Spring Break to help any and all athletes in the Wichita area and beyond. The clinics are open to athletes of all ages and skill levels. You can sign up for a single clinic or multiple clinics! 

REGISTER HERE! - You will pay the at check-in for the clinic.

Monday, March 19th & Thursday, March 22nd 

Setting Clinic – 1p-230p
This clinic will focus on footwork, hand posturing, location, tempo while training front setting, back setting and jump setting. There will be different levels of progression. 

Passing/Digging Clinic – 230p-4p
This clinic will train the athlete in passing posture, movements, balance, range while working on serve receive, digging, free ball passing and bad ball setting. 

Attacking Clinic – 4p-530p
This clinic is designed to teach from the basics of footwork, arm swing, hand contact, and jumping to attack to the specifics of attack selection, tempo sets, and tipping for kills.

Single clinic, one day - $30 
Single clinic, both days - $50 
Two clinics, both days  - $90
All three clinics, both days - $125

Wichita Volleyball Academy
190 S. Rock Rd.
Wichita, KS 67207

April & May Skills Clinics

These clinics will have focused, detailed coaching of technique and movements. Jeff Sanders will design and run the drills for the clinics, and the WVA coaches and other coaches will facilitate drills with specific focuses depending on the level of the athlete.

REGISTER HERE!! - Payment will be made on first day of the clinic. 

Monday Clinics – April 16th – May 21st 
6 sessions = 9 hours of focused training
Passing/Defense - 6-730p - $95
Setting - 7-830p - $95
Attacking - 8-930p - $95

Thursday Clinics – April 19th – May 24th 
6 sessions = 9 hours of focused training 
Attacking - 6-730p - $95
Setting - 7-830p - $95
Passing/Digging - 8-930p - $95

Multi Clinic Discounts
2 clinic discount - $20 OFF
3 clinic discount - $35 OFF
4+ clinic discount - $50 OFF
Overlap discount - $10 OFF - this discount is valid if you register for Setting and any of the other two clinics. the setters will be overlapped on each day by both Passing/Defense as well as Attacking. 

Wichita Volleyball Academy
190 S Rock Rd
Wichita, KS 67101